The Farm

Windsor Farm is a breeding, training and sales stable in Upperville, Virginia. The farm, owned by Margaret and Francis O’Neill and their daughter, Alexa Lowe, is in the heart of Virginia’s horse country about an hour’s drive from Washington, D.C. Windsor Farm presently has for sale over 50 horses which include broodmares that have competed successfully, imported and home-bred foals, young horses in training, and proven show jumpers. 

The farm is fortunate to have Alex Korompis, who after 30 years experience in European show jumping and breeding, works on finding us good young prospects and proven jumpers, and oversees our breeding program. Windsor Farm offers you the opportunity to share in his knowledge whether on a European tour or a consultation about breeding your horses.  You can see our horses compete at most major east coast Horse Shows, and we are in Wellington, Fl. from January through March 2016 with eight of our jumpers competing at the Winter Equestrian Festival.  We are always happy for anyone interested in our program to stop by the farm where we will proudly show you Windsor's horses whose top breeding has resulted in young horses with super conformation, athleticism and rideability.  The door is always open to visitors at Windsor Farm. We also have horses that can be seen and tried in Belgium, Holland and Ireland.


Windsor Farm is a collection of lush pastures, stables, and training facilities.   We have 180 acres of pasture land where our young horses have plenty of space to run and grow until the age of three.  In the spring of their third year they are broken for simple basics. Our most promising three-year-old mares are then bred and go back into training after their foals are weaned.  The young colts and geldings are left to play until they reach four and our proven, older brood mares get a short rest until their next foal arrives.


At four years the young horses come in for full training.  We give them a thorough dressage education before they begin their jumping career. Their first jumps are in our free jumping pen where they learn through natural instincts without being inhibited by a rider. Once they are well schooled in dressage and free jumping their career jumping under saddle begins!