Numero Uno

1/1/1995, Bay, 95 3822


Tyson and Leon Thijssen in La Baule 2012Numero Uno sons successful in La Baule

The second place of the Dutch team in the Nations Cup of the FEI Nations Cup series at the CSIO5* in La Baule (France) is mostly dued to sons of our stallion Numero Uno.
Leon Thijssen and his 12-year-old stallion Tyson (Numero Uno, Kickyqueen elite sport-spr by Voltaire, breeders G. Lindeboom and EJ Meijer Dalfsen) contributed to the success of the Dutch team by showing two clear rounds.
The new combination in the Dutch team, Albert Voorn with his gelding Tobalio (Numero Uno, Obalia B by JacordeTobalio and Albert Voorn in La Baule NC 2012breeders BHJ Schroder, Lattrop Breklenk) finished the Nations Cup with 0 and 4 points.
In addition to Leon Thijssen and Albert Voorn, Albert Zoer and Marc Houtzager were part of the Dutch team in La Baule.
After a double clear round in the Nations Cup Tyson showed a good performance in the Grand Prix and reached the 9th place with Leon Thijssen.
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Caroline Mueller and Van Gogh at the GP in Roosendaal 2012Van Gogh second in Roosendaal GP

Also in Roosendaal (The Netherlands) a son of Numero Uno was successful. In the jump-off of the Grand Prix Caroline Müller and our 10-year-old stallion Van Gogh (Numero Uno, Movera pref pres v. Bernstein, breeders MTS. Stultiens from Weert) showed a great clear round and reached an impressive second place behind Eric van der Vleuten. A total of 11 combinations qualified for the jump off. Caroline put a good solid time on the clock but was nevertheless beaten by the well experienced Eric van der Vleuten.
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Numero Uno Libero H Landgraf I Ladykiller xx
Oktave H Ronald
Jolanda Lord Calando Lord
Feinschnitt Ahorn